5 Ways To Get Better Results From Your Facebook Ads

Facebook averages a little under 1.1billion daily active users. That means on any given day, 1 in 7 of us is scrolling through Facebook’s timeline or updating our friends and family with our latest activity.

What that also means is; 15% of the world’s population is there for you to market to daily. If you have; the right product, the right creative, the right ad budget, Facebook can change the revenue your business does significantly and quickly.

How many times have you seen your competitors grow in staff members at the same time as noticing their advertising hitting you on Facebook almost daily? Or listened to a sales webinar to hear that for every £1 spent on Facebook Advertising, you should be getting £20 back?   And yet every time you load your £1,000 budget into Facebook Advertising, you are left with a few visitors to the website, and little to no return on investment.

In truth, the difference between where you are (throwing money into an already super-rich Mark Zuckerberg’s pension fund) and where your competitors are (buying a new Rolex every week) is not that far away, but the impact of that gap is cataclysmic.

We have pulled together 5 quick tips on how to get better results from your Facebook Ads

1. Know Your Audience

One of the key mistakes that businesses make when trialling Facebook Advertising as a sales strategy is to try to speak to all of the users of Facebook. In theory, yes, all 1.1 billion daily users might be interested in your service, or may have a use for your product – but in reality, they probably won’t buy.

Knowing your primary audience demographics is critical to the success of your Facebook Ads. Try asking yourself and your colleagues these 10 questions;

  • Where do our customers live?
  • How old are our customers?
  • What gender are our customers?
  • What language do our customers speak?
  • What sort of jobs do our customers do?
  • Where else do our customers shop?
  • What do our customers watch on TV?
  • What hobbies do our customers have?
  • When do your customers typically use Facebook?
  • How will your customers be browsing Facebook?

The more accurate you are in understanding who your customers are and what makes them tick, the more likely you are to create and target Facebook Ads to them. 

2. Write Different Ads for Different People 

Another key reason why your Facebook Advertising might be failing to drive a strong ROI (Return on Investment) is because you are using the same graphics, ad copy and sales hook for all of your customers. And that just doesn’t work.

Eg. If your business is selling Artificial Grass, your audience might be extremely age diverse with customer ages spreading from 20 to 70, but the motive behind the purchase for a 20 year old is likely to be much different to a 70 year old. As a 20 year old, your product needs to be suitable for garden parties, and for children to play on. As a 70 year old, your product needs to be low-maintenance. The product might be the same – but the reasons for purchase are different.

You need to tailor your graphics and sales hook to match the audience that you are targeting; and you need to make sure that your ad copy speaks to your audience too. Quite often when business owners write ad copy, it is written to be read by many. It is really important to the success of your advertising that your ad copy speaks to one person. So when it appears on your prospective customer’s timeline, they are engaged by it, and feel the need to personally buy it.

3. Have One Call To Action

Some of the best Facebook adverts speak to the end user strongly, and persuade them that they need your product / service. More importantly they have a clear and singularly intended call to action.

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or sell products, it doesn’t matter. If the prospective customer sees your ad, and doesn’t understand the next step that you require from them, they will simply skip onto the next message on their timeline, or scroll onto the next thing that catches their attention.

Consider using powerful phrasing as your call to action, for example; “Register Now” , “Shop Now” , “Buy Now” , “Enquire Now”.  The ‘now’ gives the advert purpose and pushes the prospective customer into the buying funnel. 

4. Use Video

If you have scrolled through Facebook as a recreational user, or as part of a research mission before you create your own Facebook adverts, you have likely noticed the increased use of Video Ads.

Over 700 million people watch video content on Facebook daily, and the use of Video Advertising on Facebook has increased over 400% over the last 2 years, a significant growth. But why?

Video advertising has increased for a number of reasons. It is the exact same, easy process uploading a video as it is uploading a picture advert is one reason, keeping up with your competitors is another reason. The main reason though is that according to multiple sources of research data – Facebook users are 1.94x more likely to purchase from video adverts compared to none video adverts. And that is a significant difference.

There are not many sales methods that you can deploy to half your cost of sales; and if using video does that. Why shouldn’t you use it.

5. Save Budget for Facebook Retargeting

You know that once in a lifetime holiday to Fiji that is currently on special offer and giving you travel envy, while it follows you around the web? Or the new set of earrings that you added to your shopping cart but you changed your mind at the last minute because payday wasn’t for another week?

How close and how many times have you almost gone back and made that purchase? The truth is as annoying as it is for us (and even more annoying for our bank accounts), these ads that follow you around really work.

Retargeting works so well because it allows you to target users based on an action that they’ve already taken on your website or social media account. That knowledge gives you the power to understand what stage of the buying funnel they are, and enables you to tailor your message accordingly.

So in summary…
Facebook Advertising can be incredibly effective as a revenue generator for your business, if you spend the time to learn how to use it properly. We drive incredible ROI’s for our customers through Paid Social Media Advertising, and have a track record of delivering highly profitable results across all manner of industries and retail types. The one thing that we always tell our clients is; don’t worry if you have a small budget, a smaller budget can still work, you just need to double down on your efforts to optimise and refine the audience that you are targeting. 

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