Dairy Milk is Officially the Nation’s Favourite Christmas Sweet

It’s that time of year again – selection boxes are about to become our daily staple. Heroes for breakfast, Roses for lunch, and Celebrations for dinner. Are we complaining? Absolutely not.

In preparation for our favourite sugary time of the year, we’ve conducted research to establish the official hierarchy of selection box sweets. Is your favourite God Tier or Meh Tier?

The Winners

Top of the list of all sweets are the Heroes’ Dairy Milk, Quality Street’s Strawberry Delight, Roses’ Hazel Whirl and Golden Barrel, and the classic Celebrations’ Malteaser Teaser.

We surveyed over 1,000 UK adults, and asked them to score each sweet – with 1 being the highest score. Here’s how the nation voted:

King of the Selection Boxes

Based on our research, the greatest selection box to get at Christmas is a box of Celebrations, with four of the top ten sweets being from this delicious selection.

Sadly for Quality Street, they are the official loser of the battle of the sweets – with only one Quality Street sweet making it to the top ten, and two of their sweets making it to the bottom five. 

Laura Hogan, founder of Sweet Digital, said “Everything is a bit gloomy at the moment – so we wanted to bring a bit of sweetness to people’s day with our battle of the selection boxes!

“My personal favourite Christmas sweet is a Strawberry Delight, so obviously I agree with the results. I’m sure there will be some arguments in the living room over Christmas to decide which sweet is truly the greatest – and we all know that Bounty’s will be the last ones left.” 

How Does Each Box Rate?

Surprised by the results?

So were we!

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