Why Choose A Google Partner Agency For PPC Management?

Selecting a Google Partner agency ensures that you’re working with Paid Search specialists who have proven their expertise in creating and managing Google Adwords accounts.

Deciding which PPC Agency to spend your Adwords budget with isn’t an easy task.  Management fees can differ greatly between agencies and also the way in which they operate your account.

Whilst most agencies simply take a management fee and you are invoiced directly by Google for your ad spend, there are a small number which take a percentage of your ad spend as management fee and they pay Google’s invoice.

At Sweet Digital, we work in the former way so that there’s complete transparency on what you’re spending with Google and what you’re spending with us.

When deciding on your PPC Agency you should also consider their Google Partner status – we’re thrilled to be a Google Partner, but what does that mean for our clients?

What Does An Agency Need To Do To Become A Google Partner?

In order to achieve Google Partner status an agency must achieve the following

Have at Least One Employee Holding a Google Ads Certification

The Fundamentals exam must be passed to achieve this, as well as at least one specialist area (ie Search, Shopping, Display or Mobile).  These exams must be re-taken every year.

Meet Performance Requirements

The Adwords accounts must be profitable, show overall growth and sit within Google’s best practice guidelines.

A Minimum Spend of $10,000

This shows that the company has a healthy amount of activity on the accounts and has the potential for continued growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Google Partner Agency?

There are a number of benefits to working with a Google Partner Agency on your PPC management.

You’re Working With Certified Experts

The Google Ads Certifications expire each year, so in maintaining Partnership status, you know that your agency is at the cutting edge of Adwords techniques and changes ensuring that your account never lags behind.

Your Account Will Always Be In Best Practice

Google Partner PPC Agencies implement best practice recommendations on their Adwords accounts, meaning that revenue is maximised, with the most effective use of budget spend.

Your PPC Agency Has Proven Results

In order to maintain Google Partner status, your agency has to consistently deliver results via Adwords. This means that you’ll be getting the ROI you want from your account in the most effective way possible.

You’ll Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Google Partner Agencies have access to betas and tools and resources directly from Google.  This means that your agency can spot new opportunities to drive revenue from your account, before your competitors even know they exist!

If you’re unsure whether your Adwords account is delivering an ROI, then let our Birmingham PPC Specialists take a look.  We can then work with you to turn the account around, reducing your cost per click (CPC), increasing your click through rates (CTRs) and ultimately driving you more relevant traffic that’s going to convert.  Contact us today.

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