SearchLeeds 2019 Talk Slides

We had a fantastic time at June 2019’s SearchLeeds event. Lots of knowledge to take away and apply to our client campaigns… for instance, outreach subject lines with the words “revealed”, “best”, “new”, “data” or “study” were found to have the highest journalist pickup.

Be A Vulture With Your Competitors – SearchLeeds 2019 from Laura Hogan

We presented our thoughts on competitor analysis with a Love Island twist in the afternoon.

From using your competitors to find awesome link opportunities, to finding out which journalists they’re working with, we detailed how a little snooping and research can give you a sure fire media list to use with your next campaign.

We also wanted to reiterate that although metrics such as DA are useful, you should rely on human eye when deciding the quality of a link; as not every link your competitors will have is going to be good, or one you want.

From a social perspective, we showed how you can easily find out the adverts your competitors are running on Facebook and gave a quick reminder that you can advertise to those who follow your competitor’s pages with most social advertising too. You know this audience has an interest in your products as they follow your competitors, so they’ll be a more qualified use of your advertising budget.

The team at Edit have been kind enough to upload all the slides from the day on their Slideshare channel and broken down below:

Main Stage:

Kirsty Hulse – Manyminds –How science can help you have better ideas

Bastian Grimm – Peak Ace –Why most SEO audits are SH*T

Jon Myers – Ascending Media –All things mobile in a mobile led world! Optimise or fail

Jennifer Hoffman – DeepCrawl –The business value of SEO

Gary Arnold – Edit –Personalisation in a Search journey

Matthew Howells-Barby – HubSpot –Everything you need to know before scaling your SEO internationally

Samantha Noble – Biddable Moments –Put your money where your data is

Sarah Barker – Stickyeyes –One Search – Combining your organic and paid strategies for greater effect

Britney Muller – Moz –Machine learning for SEOs

Stephen Kenwright – Rise at Seven – Content marketing frameworks that will get you paid more

Shyam Dattani –Search, the easy way: The content sales-person analogy explained

Barry Adams – Polemic Digital – JavaScript is ruining the web (and I love it)

Stage 2

Sam Marsden – DeepCrawl –Overcoming Technical SEO challenges for enterprise sites

Alexandre Sigoigne – Myposeo –Build SEO content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis

Luke Monaghan – Fetch –Site Speed: Time to meet the mobile expectation

Laura Bartlett – House of Coco Magazine –Why social media is more than just the numbers

Sophie Coley – –Search Listening: Why and how you should be using Google data way beyond traditional keyword research

Will Hobson – Edit –Why social media should be part of your search strategy

Shannon McGuirk – Aira –Making headlines: Which newspapers are most likely to publish your content (with links!)?

Beth Nunnington – Journey Further –PR that drives performance

Oliver Brett – Screaming Frog –How to make fake new for links

Jill Quick – The Coloring in Department –UX and marketing: A tinder match made in heaven

Andy Duke – Stickyeyes –Rise of the Robots: How well can machines measure UX?

Stage 3

Helen Pollitt – Avenue Digital –Discovering the truth in dark traffic

Nichola Stott – Erudite –The state of PWAs

Emily Potter, Distilled –Featured Snippets – the achievable SERP feature

Rory Truesdale – WeWork / Conductor –Intent optimisation: Why it matters & how it can improve your SEO results

Jon Greenhalgh – Edit –AI in Paid Media and strategies you can use tomorrow

Puneet Vaghela & Sal Mohammed – Adzooma –Research and execution: Marketing’s most important relationship

Tanesha Stafford – Armchair Marketing –Land Grab: How to win business from your competitors with Google PPC

Hannah Perry – Manchester Airports Group –The multi-million pound keyword

Owen Gill – Pendragon – Who should bring PPC in house and who shouldn’t

Stage 4

Luke Carthy – Mayflex –Killer CRO tips with a SEO web crawler

Rob Smith – DQ&A –Demystifying in-housing for advertisers and agencies

Fabrizio Ballarini – TransferWise –Building, hacking and killing a bespoke CMS

Lukasz Zelezny –The butterfly effect in SEO

Polly Pospelova – Delete –How to hack rankings with page speed optimisation

Laura Hogan, Sweet Digital – There’s nothing wrong with being a vulture – using your competitors for SEO wins

Matt Holmes – Thomas Cook Airlines –How to run a great request for proposal (RFP) process

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